Gas Fitting

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Did you know… Most gas fitters are also plumbers, but not all plumbers are gas fitters?

Here at Floworx we are licensed (GF10763) to carry out gas works; so you can rest assured the work will be done properly and according to regulations.

Do you smell gas?

Call us!

Then immediately switch off all appliances (heater, oven etc.), improve ventilation in the room by opening doors or windows, if possible shut off your gas at the meter.

We have the equipment to check where the leaks are coming from and then we can get onto rectifying the problem.

Purchased a new appliance or looking to replace an existing one?

Ovens, stove tops & hot water units are all something we can assist with installing / changing over for you.  Call us today for a free quote.

Do you require a new bayonet?

Finding that the crocheted blanket just isn’t doing the job any more but you don’t have a bayonet in the room to connect to – don’t worry Floworx can install all new pipework and get you warmed up in no time!

A team member will generally need to come out to confirm the location of the room, existing bayonet and ventilation points (if any) to confirm what materials would be required to ensure you are provided with an accurate quote and there are no surprises for anyone!

Do you want to hook your BBQ up to natural gas?

Want to BBQ but your gas bottle is empty… again??  Call us today to see if your BBQ can be hooked up with or converted to natural gas from your house.  Most barbeques can be converted  with a simple changeover of the jets.

You’ll have no problems chucking a snag on the barbie ever again!

Some need-to-know info:

After any gas appliance is installed and commissioned it also requires a notice of completion (NOC), the gas fitter who completes the installation is required to complete this form and provide you with a copy.  This declaration confirms that the installation complies with all standards and requirements and if there are any faults then the gas fitter will be required to return to site to fix it.

Make sure your contractor is complying with regulations!