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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to drink clear, pure water, and,                      by engaging Floworx – the plumbing filtration specialist you will too!

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Q…. Have you ever taken a drink of water and thought … this just doesn’t taste nice?

Q…. Perhaps taken a shower and your skin still feels dry?

Q…. Do you have limescale build up on your taps & appliances?

You have likely answered YES! to all 3 questions – and you are not alone!

Unfortunately our standard drinking water is getting worse and we believe that every household should have a water filtration or treatment system to ensure you and your family  -including our furry, feathered or scaly friends – are getting the best quality drinking water!

You may be surprised to hear that our water, without a treatment system, is full of nasties including sand, rust flakes, calcium, lime deposits, magnesium, and more. 

In small amounts it can be manageable however in some cases where there is a high concentration of minerals we’re finding appliances are not lasting their recommended life time and the ugly build up of lime scale is prominent.


We are seeing a lot of evidence of hard water being ever present in our homes;  unmistakable is the mineral build up on plumbing fixtures, water heaters and through excessive use of soaps/ detergents.

You will find you are using a lot more soap or detergent to get things cleaned; from dishes, washing and even your hands and hair.  

If you or a family member has eczema, dermatitis or a similar skin condition you will find that the hard water is likely making it worse. 

Hard water can be determined by the quantity of calcium and magnesium found in the water supply.  Here at Floworx we are able to arrange the testing of your water supply and advise the best treatment system moving forward. 


Water filtration systems have been cleverly designed to suit many applications including:

Domestic – Rain water – Industrial – Beverage equipment – Commercial use – Caravans & more. 

There are various options to suit each household; from under sink filters at your kitchen, to whole house mains or rain water treatment solutions.

The filtration systems we install are sourced from trusted, leading suppliers –  and there will be a treatment system to suit your application.  You can be assured of the quality and longevity of the product as we only fit the best!

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