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When only the purest water will do; call Floworx.

Water filters or treatment systems are not only for the home, there is a vast range to suit commercial applications; from protecting food service and beverage equipment to the removal of bacteria using ultra violet technology and much more; there will be a system to suit your needs. 

Our filtration systems are sourced from leading suppliers who have dedicated their time to research and produce the technology that goes into the design of the filtration systems.  We know that the products have been tried and tested and of absolute quality.

Some examples;

Apartment Buildings

Individual under sink filtration units were installed in the well-known Fraser Suites Apartments in early 2020 by Floworx.  This means that every room has quality, beautiful tasting water during their stay. 

Value add to your existing services and protect your guests against harsh chemicals such as chlorine, sediment, dust all down to 1 micron with an under sink filtration unit. Easy ongoing maintenance is also a bonus!


Workshop / Lunch room solutions

Ensure your employees and customers are getting safe drinking water by installing a Drink Water Fountain complete with an inbuilt Ultra Z filtration unit.

Food & Beverage solutions

Protect expensive machines and appliances from scaling due to heavy metals, bacteria and various chemicals with a Reverse Osmosis system.  Increase the longevity of equipment and increase the taste of your beverages.

Save dishwashers and hot water units by installing a mains filtration unit.


Laboratory/ Specialised Services

Working with the experienced team at Puretec we can ensure unit/s are installed inline to obtain ultra pure water.

 Why is a water treatment system imperative?

Water treatment systems safeguard your appliances against the high level of chlorides in our water; causing corrosion and eventually the early failure of your expensive machines. 

We know you want to provide your customers with great quality products and we believe in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to drink safe, clean and great tasting water.

Time is Money!
For those requiring multiple filtration units let Floworx manage the ongoing scheduled maintenance for your outlets. We offer packaged pricing to professionally manage and undertake the required maintenance.


Give us a call today to learn more about the options available and how Floworx can help your business grow.