Commercial Water Fiiltration

Cafés - Medical - Veterinary - Food - Production

When only the purest water will do

Water filters aren’t only for the home, they also come in a range of sizes to suit various applications for the commercial industry.

Our filtration systems are predominantly sourced from leading suppliers including Puretec and Best Water Technology (BWT).  Each company offers different technology and designs so we easily tailor a package to suit your premises.

Why install a water filtration system?

To safeguard your appliances and ensure your patrons are getting the best no matter what industry you are in.

You may be surprised to hear that our water, without a filtration system, is full of nasties including sand, rust flakes and lime deposits. You can easily see evidence of this on your tapware and appliances.  This is also what causes hot water units and dishwashers to fail before their time.

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