Commercial backflow prevention

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 What is backflow prevention & why do you need it?

Anywhere there is a hazardous risk to the water supply a backflow prevention device is required to be installed, tested & certified annually.

The device prevents contaminants from entering the potable water supply after a pressure drop or vacuum situation.

Backflow prevention can be as simple as a non-return valve for low risk, right up to a reduced pressure zone device (RPZD) for high risk situations.

The requirement for a backflow device is defined by the degree  of the hazard – so for example if you use a machine  containing hazardous chemicals and these chemicals can be vacuumed back into the main water supply this is where the RPZD is required –  to prevent illness or even death.

Backflow prevention is not purely for potable water, a lot of commercial premises will require backflow prevention on their fire systems as well, which also require testing annually.

It is always better to remove the risk rather than deal with the consequences.