24/7 Emergencies

Call Leon - 0403 713 106

We know not everything happens in business hours which is why Leon has chosen to  make himself personally available 24/7 for emergency call outs.

Unattended leaking or burst pipes will cause major damage to cupboards, flooring and walls if it is not attended to quickly – this is not only expensive but will waste a lot of your time in the coming weeks dealing with insurance companies and getting repairs done.

Leon’s phone is always on, and, as he knows it can be a stressful time for those unfamiliar with plumbing services he will do his best to assist you over the phone first before heading out.

Don’t forget if there is a major leak the first thing to do is to turn your water meter off!

 Emergency plumbing isn’t just for burst water pipes; if you can smell gas or believe you have a health & safety issue at your premises call us immediately!

If there are major works required once the inital fix is complete then don’t hesitate to ask us about our ZERO % finance options with Brighte. 

Let the experts – that’s us! – take care of it for you.